best composite decking worth it

  • Thanks! Tim 7 months ago. I have had 2 wood decks over 28 yrs. Wondering, if I should go to man made composite decking. Just finished reading about one mfg in particular. OH MY!!!! Not good at all. I am sure you have read all the reviews out there. Who's decking do you recommend, and why ? I plan on doing the work myself. Removing the old wood 2"x4"s that I used for the original, and installing the new composite, if I can be assured that composite is worth the high cost?

  • Before building a deck, carefully consider the materials, which range from pressure-treated wood to natural wood to composite materials. ... Wood Decks. Many people prefer real wood for their decks because of its natural, warm appearance. it just feels good. But there's wood...and then there's wood. The type of lumber you choose for a wooden deck is critically important to the ... If you love the look of natural wood and you're up for the upkeep, it's definitely worth it.

  • Anyway, here are my current thoughts in a nutshell: The best composite decking on the market in our opinion is Transcends. That's saying a lot from a former Timbertech only deck .... Plastic capped composites are being made by all the major manufacturers now and it seems to be the way of the future, it is a little more expensive but the added scratch resistance, fade resistance, and stain resistance is well worth it. This series runs about $3.19 a linear foot. Actually, new for 2012& ...

  • While wood decks were clearly winning the bids until some ten years ago, the composite decking materials improved immensely in terms of structure, durability and safety. Nowadays, the ... Choose the best softwood timber according to affordability, colour and installation method. No pre-drilling is ... A hardwood decking should have class 1 otherwise it's not worth the money and its maintenance costs will very soon outpass the initial investment. With installation& ...

  • Despite timber being the traditional option, it hasn't always been the most practical and cost-effective one. With the man-made boards of composite decking offering less maintenance and fuss, and higher quality composite materials on the market, like NewTechWood Australia composite decking, it's easy to see why the debate exists. To help you make an educated decision about what's best for you and your home, we've weighed up the pros and cons of both.

  • David Fleming discusses if our decking is worth it. ... Whether you live in a house with a massive back patio, or a condo with a small terrace, you should consider splurging for . I just did. And I'd like to show you a “before and after” at my condo… 1. I really should .... Tell me I'm crazy, but I think it was worth it. I think you have to spend the most money on the best features of your home, and this terrace, although we only use it four months out of twelve, needs to be maximized.

  • Making a high-quality synthetic decking requires expensive ingredients and good quality control. ... composite decking: What Is it? decking materials made from finely ground wood fiber mixed with polymer resin have been in use for almost two decades. While these wood-plastic composites (WPCs) have generally established a good track record, .... That said, a stronger warranty from a reputable company is worth more than a weak warranty from a fly-by-night or out-of-business firm.

  • composite decking vs Wood Decks, A composite decking review updated for 2018. Is composite decking worth the investment? Comparing composite vs wood decks. What about all the lawsuits and failures through the years? Is composite decking worth the extra money? Find out these answers and more from industry experts!

  • People are always asking me if ultra low-maintenance materials like composite decking are worth the investment. There are many practical reasons why I respond with a resounding YES! But the first reason is purely psychological. What is the point of venturing into your backyard oasis, where the entire purpose is to relax in the same way you would at a resort, but when you look around you are constantly reminded of all the maintenance you have to do?? it kind of& ...