freedom vinyl fencing instructions

  • Home decorating and remodeling magazines are nice tools to begin your search. Also, if you are on social sites (such as Pinterest), there is a wealth of information and photo ideas you can find. image2. They types of material common for residential areas include vinyl, wood, aluminum, chain link. These types and styles will depend on the answer to the “Why” question you answer. The most popular styles include private, semi-private, decorative, security/protection, or farm fence.

  • Common terms associated with vinyl fencing: knowing what the different parts of a vinyl fence are called will make it easier to ask questions and understand your fence installation instructions.

  • freedom's Ready-to-Assemble vinyl Picket Panels are quick and easy to assemble and add classic style to your home.

  • Place the fence posts one at a time. Once you've dug the holes for the posts, the next step is to install each post securely before connecting them with the vinyl sections. Always defer to the manufacturer's instructions for installation, but generally its recommended to install posts secured with gravel and concrete. Insert a 2 foot (61 cm) long 4" x 4" or 5" x 5" and use 1.5 in (3.8-4 cm) screws on at least two sides to secure the post to wood.

  • To register your product, please visit: Owner's Manual. Version. 3.0. vinyl Fence. Assembly and Installation instructions. PLEASE READ OWNER'S MANUAL COMPLETELY. BEFORE ASSEMBLING YOUR FENCE. ALL STATED SIZES ARE NOMINAL DIMENSIONS.BOM V3 2/14. Picket, Closed Top & Semi Privacy Panels. Straight Picket Top. Straight Dogear Picket Top. Arched Spade Picket Top. Closed Top Picket.

  • freedom's Pre-Assembled fence panels are both stylish and simple to install.