how to make a waterproof storage box

  • Is your backyard cluttered with toys, tools, gardening tools, etc? Don't have room for a shed? Need some outside storage for your apartment balcony? Well this little storage box might be the answer for you. Its can be as simple as making a plywood box with a lid or you can get creative with your design like I did. With some left over ¼” plywood strips, I was able to create a fun little design to my box. The challenge is making it water proof. I used roofing paper and wrapped the frame of the& ...

  • Regardless of the reason you need a waterproof box, the project is no more daunting than building a wooden box and applying the right kind of finish. Making the lid watertight might seem a stumbling ...

  • Hi Brian, super video, just what I was looking for. I know you said the frame was 2ft by 4ft, but would it be possible to know the exact dimensions of each piece which would be really helpful? This will be perfect for all the kayaking gear we have, am struggling for a place to put it at the moment as it is inside the house and also in the shed. also, what would you suggest as an alternative to tar paper for the waterproofing, as I can't find anything like that here in the UK?.

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  • Do you want a big outdoor storage bench. You'll be able to ... how waterproof is it? can it be put under heavy rain storm? or do i need to buy somesort of a sheet to cover top and base and around from inside? ... We're writing a grant proposal for a project to build 6 of your boxes so each grade can have their own supply box, equipment, books, etc. all aligned to the school curriculum we've written.

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  • how to Build a Deck storage box Introduction - add waterproof liner to make it better to store cushions in.