exterior porch deck materials performance

  • We get a lot of questions from customers who are adding on a new deck, porch, patio or some other outdoor structure. A big one is ... Mixing materials such as metal pickets can make the long-term care both easier and lower-cost, and it helps your deck or screen porch look better for a longer time. ... Adding a synthetic railing will add significant materials cost to your project, but should be considered to achieve lower-maintenance with superior long-term performance.

  • decks and porches Need to Stand Up to the Weather. ... Under Chapter 6, "Resource Efficiency": up to 5 points for covered entryways (602.1); best-practice deck/porch flashing details on plans contributes to 6 points total for flashing (602.12); up to 6 points for insect resistant decking materials ... The number of specialized building products, especially for exterior decking, has increased dramatically in recent years, reducing maintenance requirements without sacrificing durability.

  • "It's not a highly repeatable process," says Tom Gramlich, chief operating officer of , which makes composite and PVC decks, porches, railing, and trim.

  • performance: deck & porch. From low-maintenance decks and porches, to durable exteriors, to ready-to-install trim and moulding, Inteplast Building Products are engineered to outperform other products in a variety of applications. We put our Inteplast Building Products ... After 10 successive scratches on the face of each board, material is flaking from the surface of both the pre-treated lumber and composite boards, leaving scratch marks behind. The Inteplast Building Product deck& ...

  • decks are tough applications for building materials. Yet it's possible to build beautiful and durable decks that require minimal maintenance. Learn how.

  • High-performance/low maintenance decking with composite and vinyl railings are the perfect complement to a beautiful home exterior.

  • Shopping for decking? Read about types, features, and other must-know topics in our decking buying guide to make an informed choice. ... Your home's outdoor space is an extension of the interior, a place to be enjoyed many months out of the year and some places all year. It makes sense that ... If you're hiring a pro, note that the cost of labor—either to build a new deck or to replace worn planking on an existing structure—can easily exceed the cost of the materials.